Thursday, December 4, 2008


Attention to all

just to tell u guys that our result will came out this 17 December..huhu...
scary huh????

I am sure all of u can't wait to know the result rite...Our killer paper this sem were eco..All of us hope to pass this papers...However, it is unpredictable..
Some of us might pass it and some of us might not..But whatever it takes live must go on..We cannot give up..

I wish u guys all the best and pass all papers.. Till we meet again next sem..Aiyai??

Still two weeks left for us be around with our family and friends..So, use ur time wisely and have fun k..

compose by ; Mawar

Thursday, November 20, 2008


On 18 November last two days..we already finished our last paper economy..which means that we had end our part four and goin to part five next's was like a dream to all of us rite...and everybody was grateful that we had finished..seem this year a lot of things had happen to us.. however, we really enjoy our time next sem, will be new life, new chapters, and a new beginning to our class rite...And the sad part will be next sem is also the last part for us to be together then we will go for our practical and get grade...

So how about a trip or vacations with all...Myb to kapas???how about it???Next sem is the only time we had guys...So what did you think???hmm... some might think its a bad idea rite????but some might think it is a brilliant idea... What ever you guys think of, please be positive and think that the moments we all can share together as a classmate...

Hope that we can get full co-operation..Think about it k?????hmmm mean while....Have a nice holiday and have fun k...Till me meet again next sem...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Nie lah ahli2 anggota Persatuan Kesenian D' Anjung Ibai, Kuala Terengganu..Yang datang mengadakan pertunjukan teater dorang kat sini..dengan teater mereka yang bertajuk "Deme Dari Ambe"..Dorang nie ade lah dalam 22 crew..

So far overall persembahan berjalan ngn lancar..And kite pun dapat kerjasama yang positive ngn dorang...masalah2 yang timbul berjaya lah..nie first time kiteowg uat event kan so ade lah gak masalah yang timbul..tapi so far, semua ahli ansara bagi kerjasama and same2 nak menjayakan event nie...

Setel jer event nie kami berteriak keseronokan..Setelah seharian berpenah lelah..Dari pagi hingga ke malam tak abis2 menyetelkan event nie...Tapi tepat kul 12 malam smue setel and crew anjung pun balik ke tempat dorang...Alhamdullilah..Semua selamat...

Event yang kami usahakan dalam masa kurang dari sebulan akhirnya berjalan ngn lancar jugak..
Mungkin bagi sesetengah pihak tidak begitu bagus..Tapi kami berpuas hati kerana telah cube sedaya upaya n berkerja keras untuk event tu...Biase lah first time uat kan mesti tak perfect sangat...

Hmmm rase2 kan sem depan nak uat event lagi tak????

Monday, November 17, 2008


INNOCENT faces2 rite...
Since the beginning we in uitm we were classmate..However, cause of certain problem and changes..Semester by semester one by one of our group member leaving us..
Some applying to JPA, got new work and moved to another group..

When we was in Part One our class rap was Mohd Saiful and his assistant was Zairamnah..Both of them was nice and good..Capability to be a leader..But it not easy to be a leader..A leader is also known as a machai u noe..hehehehe..But they are strong that why there a capable to be a leader.

Let us introduce to our classmate:
  1. Saiful from Pahang..Very tall guy..
  2. Zairamnah from Kelantan..Have a nice voice..
  3. Syahira from Kelantan..Very shy..(now in other group)
  4. Faradila from Pahang..our treasure last sem..Pretty and good..
  5. Izati form Terengganu..Our model, but latah..
  6. Nihayatul Aqmal from Kuala Lumpur..Fierce sister to all..
  7. Ana from Pahang..Quite girl in the class..
  8. Adeeyla from Pahang..Small and cute girl..(now in other group)
  9. Zikri from Kuala Lumpur..chubby and cute guy..
  10. Farhana from Kuala Lumpur..nice smile..
  11. Kak Emma from Selangor..good with all..(quit)
  12. nana from Kuala Lumpur...nice to all..
  13. adyra from Kuala Lumpur..Funny, without her the class is dead..
  14. Midah from Terengganu...The chief of latah..(quit)
  15. Ida from Kelantan..Quite little gerl..
  16. Nina from Kuantan..Pampered girl, like babies..
  17. Ema from Kelantan..Talkative gerl..
  18. Wan from Kelantan..Romeo, but nice guy..
  19. Acu from Pahang..Quite guy, but good fwens..
  20. Dayah form Selangor..Nice friends, have a lot of daughters..aha..
  21. Kebal from Kedah..Serious but nice with all..
  22. Piji from Pahang..easy goin and everyone love him..
  23. Nadia from Selangor..also a part of latah..Pretty..
  24. Salia from Terengganu..small little gerl but brutal and brave..
  25. Huda from Terengganu..Soft heart and nice..
  26. Norma from Kelantan..Shy but a good fwens..
  27. Amy from Kelantan..shy, coward but clever gerl..
  28. Adda from Johor Bahru..independent gerl..
  29. Laila from Johor Bahru..the cleverest gerl in the class..
  30. Farahin from Kuala Lumpur..always offer helps to friends..
  31. Pooja from Pahang..Talkative and funny gerl..
  32. Dek from Pahang..Talkative and good in BI.
  33. Syed from Pahang..The abang long in the classs..
Still remember guys..?????????????

compose by: Mawar..

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Here are the heroes of the class..hehehe...First picture was taken went we were having our berbuka puase at Molek inn..To treat all our classmate after have work hard for our event..huhuhu...

There were wan, kie, syed, epul and kebal..acu was not there he was having other agenda..hikhikhik..however, we still include his picture here..The one with the fan..Acu not friendly with cam..That's why he act like that infront of cam...

It is easy to talk about our heroes coz there were few of them..Actually it was seven of them..Sadly piji left us early sem..He got offer from JPA and decide to go for it..So he left the other six heroes for us to bullied..hahahahaha....

We start form kie coz he is our class rap plus assistant class rap for this sem..He is good but very malas...Hmm sometimes went to class selekeh giler..But still cute with his baggy jeans..Even we are not allowed to wear jeans..Always with his fit color...Hmm he use to said to other girl in the class..."Ade ape2 masalah g tau abang ea, jangan lah gado2..T abang setelkan"...hehehe...he thought he is the abang lah konon..He is the one who we can trust and rely on him, he try to do his best for the class..Keep it up kie..

Sepul however, he talk less..He like to watch the huru-hara in the class..Sit at the back, quietly and looking all over the class...And smiling only he knows was he thinks of...hehehehe..Sometimes he do came out with his bombastic idea..Idea that we never thought but he had it in mind..huhuhuhu...He works really hard for our event..Even his works look simple but he do it and never nagging about it..He accept it and quietly make it done..Plus, we always use his bike went to pekan to setel things for our event..I noe he worried but still he let us use it..Thanks epol..

Kebal is a serious young man..Always with his fierce face..Late comers and always get the attention of lecture..hehehehe..Thank god he is smart..Even his attitude can drive us crazy but he passed all the paper..However, whenever we need his helps he always willing to help..Coz he the only one who brought car to uitm so we really needs his help..Never complain..Juz shut up and drive as our request..A good friends...Good luck friend..

Syed unpredictable..Hmm he rarely talk with gerls, unless important..Always with wan..He is as a abang long to the boys..He good in English..But never show off..Always sit behind..U will think that he is type of pasif person, but he is good actually..Mayb he need some polish to be shine??
Rite syed???hehehehe...One things that clearly can be seen that he never serious..Like to make silly jokes..Even in our assessment BEL he still try to came out with his silly jokes..Syed, be more serious..U r the abang long, remember???Guide ur little brother alrite..huhuhu..

Wan is our romeo...Hitam manis..He nice with all the gerls inside the class..Myb coz he talks a lot, nice and easy to make friends..He is a good boy plus sometimes schema..If all the boys tuang class but he came to class and he came on time to the class..Afraid myb???Aren't u wan???huhuhu..For whatever reason it is good..Next time kejut the guys and come early with u k..Tarik telinga dorang...huhuhu...Aja3 fighting..

Acu smart, shy and quiet..Hardly to hear his voice at class...Dress well to class not like kie..hehehe...Coz of his silent, ppl might think that he is unfriendly..but he is nice..He helps us a lot in finding sponsor for our event..Absolutely he is not the one who find it, but without him we would be there..He drove us to Kuantan and Terengganu to find for sponsors for our event..Hmm pity him, but wat to do..Easy to co-operate with him...Hope there be no more sponsors to find next sem r no u have to drive us acu...hehehehe...

So romeos???next sem wat it will be????hehehehe...

compose by : mawar

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Hye all..This is blog that we had create up for all of u especially DOMT40A members..
It is welcome for you to post comment, stories, information, ideas and etc..We hope that this blog could be our medium of communication...We might have not enough time to share stories and might not know our friends well, so in here..Tell us more about what we should know..

As a classmate, we hope that our relationship could be last forever..Not only in here, in Dungun..But in any places around the world, we can still communicate with each other...

Lastly, from us Welcome to all and thank you for the visit..