Thursday, December 4, 2008


Attention to all

just to tell u guys that our result will came out this 17 December..huhu...
scary huh????

I am sure all of u can't wait to know the result rite...Our killer paper this sem were eco..All of us hope to pass this papers...However, it is unpredictable..
Some of us might pass it and some of us might not..But whatever it takes live must go on..We cannot give up..

I wish u guys all the best and pass all papers.. Till we meet again next sem..Aiyai??

Still two weeks left for us be around with our family and friends..So, use ur time wisely and have fun k..

compose by ; Mawar

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Anonymous said...

im sure that most of us might think that waiting the result is like watching a horror movie rite?..
hopefully sumer ok..
goodluck everybody!